We Did It!

Our Etsy shop is now up and running! It was another learning curve, but Etsy does a good job of walking you through the set up process. We launched with four different sets of game pieces available in ten colors.

Our Halloween Sets

I love the design we created for our Halloween-themed Settlers of Catan game pieces! The tombstone cities turned out especially well, and the pumpkin settlements and coffin roads are also fantastic!

We also have some great Halloween-themed Ticket to Ride game pieces, with coffin trains and pumpkin scoring markers.

These pieces all look amazing on the game boards, and are very fun to play with!

We Have Standard Sets Too

While the Halloween sets are our favorites, we also have standard sets for both Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride, for players who may need replacements for lost pieces, or just want to play with fun new colors.

A Peek Behind the Scenes

You may be interested in how we create designs like these. The simple pieces like the standard Catan pieces and Ticket to Ride scoring marker were pretty easy to create in Blender. The coffins and train took a little more work, but were still possible with the basic Blender tools. The pumpkins needed some special techniques, which we learned from this video by YouTuber TutsByKai and then adapted for the look we wanted.

For the tombstone Catan city, we had a vision, but needed some help. We found what we needed on CGTrader, a website full of excellent 3D models. The license terms prevent us from simply downloading models and then printing and selling them as-is, but we’re allowed to use them commercially if we modify them significantly and/or incorporate them into a larger work, and give attribution to the source designer(s). So we built the actual tombstone ourselves, and then added the skull, rat, and stones from models acquired from CGTrader.

New Sets Coming!

With Halloween nearly upon us, we’re already working on designs for our next themed sets, and some of them are almost ready to go! We expect to announce a new set in next week’s blog, but if you’re eager to see it as soon as it’s ready, follow us on Twitter, where we post everything the moment it’s available.

See you next week!