Delayed Launch

Welcome back! We had hoped to announce our Etsy shop launch in today’s blog, but sadly we need to postpone it a bit. With luck it’ll only be a short delay.

Blocked Nozzles

Our 3D printer extruder nozzle became blocked, and then so did our back up nozzle, leaving us with no way to print anything. We’ve ordered more replacement nozzles which should arrive today, and equipment and supplies for nozzle cleaning which should arrive later this week, so we should be back up and running very soon. (Is the word “nozzle” starting to sound funny to you? It is to me!)

Themed Game Pieces

We do have the designs complete for our first two custom themed sets of game pieces! We’re very excited to launch our Etsy shop with them, but of course that only works if we can actually produce them. We’ll showcase them here as soon as they’re available, but since that’s not yet the case, we’ll avoid posting spoilers for now.

Photo Studio

Despite our new production delay, we’ve continued to get things set up in other areas. We had fun setting up our mini photo studio, for taking good quality photos of our products. We started with these instructions, and then modified them to suit our needs.

Here is our result!

Business Progress

We’ve also gone ahead with setting up the business side of things. We already had our business properly registered as “3D Orcs Printing Company, LLC”. This week we opened our company bank account, set up our bookkeeping records, and acquired packaging to fulfill orders.

On Your Mark, Get Set, …

We’ve now got everything ready to launch our business! Except, of course, the ability to actually produce anything. But that should be resolved today, and by next week’s blog we really should be ready to announce our launch!