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Month: November 2020

A Ticket to Christmas

Changing Plans

That saying about the best laid plans of mice and men apparently also applies to orcs. We had planned to release an exciting new product this past week, but despite our best efforts the results just weren’t good enough. We’ll keep working on it though, and we’ll save the details as a surprise when it’s ready to go.

A Different Product Instead

Because of that, we switched gears mid-week to something else we wanted to do soon anyway, and that turned out great! As a result, we were able to launch a new Christmas-themed set of game pieces this week after all!

Nearly Thwarted

But even with a great design, we needed to produce some prototypes before we could list it on Etsy. And that was nearly thwarted when a mishap caused a collision between an orc and the printer. It turns out orcs are exactly as graceful as one might expect. The wheels allowing smooth movement of the extruder along the X axis were badly damaged … sorry, I don’t mean to get too technical. In orcish terms, “Printer broke. It no work.”

But we were undaunted! Well, ok, we were actually pretty daunted for a while there. But as is becoming common with this nifty device, a generous dose of blood, sweat, and tears (which are as common in our studio as at an orc family gathering) resulted in a working printer, and an increased understanding of its amazing technology. Plus, we learned a new adjustment that makes the leveling process much more precise. Yay!

These are the wheels that were damaged. Unfortunately we didn’t snap a pic until after they were fixed.

Christmas-Themed Ticket to Ride

With things up and running again we were able launch our new game pieces!

The sleighs look really great on the board! So do the Christmas gift scoring markers (you may recognize them from our Christmas Catan set, where they are featured as settlements).

And because Ticket to Ride needs a lot of trains, you get a lot of game pieces when you buy this set! Just as in the original game, we provide 48 sleighs instead of the 45 actually needed to play, so you have a few extras in case some get lost.


Do you like to play with game expansion sets? We do! And so this week we plan to release some new game pieces to support one of our favorites! Come back next Monday to see what we’ve developed.

‘Tis the Season!

An Exciting Week!

Welcome back! We had an exciting week at 3D Orcs, with the release of a brand new set of Catan game pieces, and a fun Halloween activity. I’m going to keep you in suspense just a little longer about the new Catan set (Hint: today’s blog title is a clue), and tell you about our Halloween fun first.

GISH Halloween Hunt

I hope you had a fun Halloween! At 3D Orcs we suspended operations for the weekend to take part in GISH – the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt. If you’ve never heard of it, I encourage you to check it out. Although it’s called a scavenger hunt, it’s more about creating fun things than finding them. There were dozens of items on the list, but we tackled just a few of them while our team mates worked on others. Here are some of our favorites…

We made this charcuterie Ouija board (essentially a themed meat tray) featuring pepperoni and ham.

And this evidence that the “unbread has risen” for the zombe apocalypse.

We also discovered the secret desires of a storm trooper.

And made ourselves into custom Tarot cards.

One of our most challenging tasks was creating this socially distanced trick-or-treat “aid”. It needed to be a Rube Goldberg device that could deliver candy from 10 feet away. The difficulty arose from needing to set up those dang dominoes over 30 times before we got a video where everything worked correctly!

We also enjoyed the new definition of “monster mash” – a classic movie monster made out of mashed potatoes. We were quite happy with our Frankenspud!

Did you do something fun for Halloween? Was your spookiness challenged because of COVID-19? Let us know in the comments below!

It’s Christmas in Catan!

Here’s our new set of Christmas-themed game pieces for Settlers of Catan!

Each set comes with 4 Christmas tree cities, 5 Christmas gift settlements, and 15 sled roads.

And anyone who buys four of these sets gets this FREE snowman robber as a special bonus!

The Catan board looks great decked out for Christmas!

Missed Our Halloween Sets?

Halloween may be over, but you can still get our Halloween-themed game pieces for either Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride.

More Christmas Fun Coming!

Those Christmas Catan pieces are great, but we’re working on more fun Christmas-themed game pieces. Come back next Monday to find out more!