An Exciting Week!

Welcome back! We had an exciting week at 3D Orcs, with the release of a brand new set of Catan game pieces, and a fun Halloween activity. I’m going to keep you in suspense just a little longer about the new Catan set (Hint: today’s blog title is a clue), and tell you about our Halloween fun first.

GISH Halloween Hunt

I hope you had a fun Halloween! At 3D Orcs we suspended operations for the weekend to take part in GISH – the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt. If you’ve never heard of it, I encourage you to check it out. Although it’s called a scavenger hunt, it’s more about creating fun things than finding them. There were dozens of items on the list, but we tackled just a few of them while our team mates worked on others. Here are some of our favorites…

We made this charcuterie Ouija board (essentially a themed meat tray) featuring pepperoni and ham.

And this evidence that the “unbread has risen” for the zombe apocalypse.

We also discovered the secret desires of a storm trooper.

And made ourselves into custom Tarot cards.

One of our most challenging tasks was creating this socially distanced trick-or-treat “aid”. It needed to be a Rube Goldberg device that could deliver candy from 10 feet away. The difficulty arose from needing to set up those dang dominoes over 30 times before we got a video where everything worked correctly!

We also enjoyed the new definition of “monster mash” – a classic movie monster made out of mashed potatoes. We were quite happy with our Frankenspud!

Did you do something fun for Halloween? Was your spookiness challenged because of COVID-19? Let us know in the comments below!

It’s Christmas in Catan!

Here’s our new set of Christmas-themed game pieces for Settlers of Catan!

Each set comes with 4 Christmas tree cities, 5 Christmas gift settlements, and 15 sled roads.

And anyone who buys four of these sets gets this FREE snowman robber as a special bonus!

The Catan board looks great decked out for Christmas!

Missed Our Halloween Sets?

Halloween may be over, but you can still get our Halloween-themed game pieces for either Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride.

More Christmas Fun Coming!

Those Christmas Catan pieces are great, but we’re working on more fun Christmas-themed game pieces. Come back next Monday to find out more!