Or the Berry, Seed, Rodent, Fish, or Nectar

All of these bird foods are now available in our Wingspan Food Tokens set on Etsy!

This set makes a great upgrade from the cardboard discs that come with the game.

And you can choose the quantity you want to match any expansions you like to play, including cute pink Nectar pieces for the Oceania set! A full set to replace the food tokens from the base game plus both expansions totals a whopping 215 game pieces!

Even better, these food pieces can be paired with our birdhouse styled dice tower to really raise your Wingspan gameplay to a new level of fun!

But It Didn’t Come Easily

With six separate custom pieces to design, we expected multiple iterations to get versions we liked.

What surprised us was that it was the worm that took the most attempts to reach a design we were happy with! Technically it’s a caterpillar, and is supposed to represent all invertebrate food sources, including insects and shellfish, but we usually just call them worms when we’re playing.

Here’s a pic of all six versions we printed before we were satisfied.

The first one is red just because that happened to be the color of filament in the printer when we did our first test print, which we didn’t expect to be final, but we wanted to see how the size and shape came out. We knew those details from our design software, but there’s often quite a difference between knowing the numbers and actually holding and feeling the shape and size of a physical game piece.

It was good, but pretty plain, so our second iteration added body segments to give it more texture.

Then we decided it needed legs to make it more of a caterpillar, rather than a worm.

After that it took three more iterations as we tweaked the size, number, and position of the legs, and adjusted the amount of the body that was raised above the table in order to get it to print nicely.

All that just for a worm! But we’re really happy with the set as a whole!

The Key to Success

Jank√≥ Key that is. This week we’re going to push to see if we can finally complete the custom keyboard we were commissioned to print. Come back next Monday to see if we succeed!